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Presenting: Captain America

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Marvel Man


Welcome one & all! This is Marvel's Corner!


Today we tackle a pillar of Marvel folklore, Captain America, as we examined who will play him on the big screen. Don't know who it'll be yet? Then check our the blog!


Today's Topic: Captain America


Let's get to it. His name is Chris Evans, and you will forever know him as...






Wait, let me check. 




Gah! It is him!


Darn. I guess this officially retcons the Fantastic Four movies. Unless...


Chris Evans is also planning on being Namor! The one man Invaders!




But seriously, is Marvel doing the right choice here. He's a lot younger than Downy Jr & Ed Norton, but he's better than some of the rumored choices (which included that guy off GI Joe?!).


Anyways, here's a pic some guy photoshopped. Ultimate Cap + Chris =




Meh. I'll still see it. 


Until next time, this is Marvel Man, signing off. 


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Much as I like the Captain, he's the easiest by far to make fun of. Any movie that they come out with him has got to be good. Lets hope so....

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Hello Marvel Man, this is Doctor Doom. Just reminding you that Doom's never-ending war on your hilarious blog will resume after summer. After Doom is done enjoying his cruise to Costa Rica, he will return to crush your handsome face!DOOM!

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