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DC goes to war! For an hour & 40 minutes

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Marvel Man


Welcome back! This is Marvel's Corner!


Today we take a look at DC's newest comic book event. Yes, another one. Did anyone know "Blackest Night" ended? Who won? Anyways, it's Superman time!



Today's Topic: The 100 Minutes War!


As most of you know, Superman has been away from Earth recently. He went to a little planet called...


*looks through papers*


... "New Krypton"? 




Alright, cool, a whole planet full of kryptonians. I can run with that. Where's DC going with this?






They're going to attack the Earth!


Yes, a planet of Supermen is showing up to attack the Earth. How this is going to last more than five minutes is beyond me.


Well, at least they realize this won't be a couple years war... Or a few months war... Or a few days war... Or a more than two hour war...


It's The 100 Minute War?!


Note: I'm assuming 95 minutes will be spent mourning the slaughtered. Seriously, who's fighting in this?!


Scheduled to be a month long series, with four issues (each taking 25 minutes), the comic will come out May.




More Cover Art & Source Here: http://dcu.blog.dccomics.com/2010/02/10/prepare-for-the-100-minute-war/


Now, I'm not saying I'll buy this, but I must admit this looks a lot better than Marvel's event. This event, "Siege" looks like another Bendis take on the Avengers. Will this end in another reboot?






Doesn't that make you want to... I don't know... Ask why they went with that font?


Anyways, DC's War will probably shed more blood. Earth has no hope. I've seen them handle a rogue kryptonian, so an army of kryptonians is way over them.


... Wait... What am I saying?! Earth has Kryptonite Man!




Game, Set, & Match! Earth ftw. 


Anyways, until later, this is Marvel Man signing off. 


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