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Skir'Mish'Ra, Necron Lord






The Necron Lord Skir'Mish'Ra is a Character that I have so far used in three different RP scenarios and will probably use again where applicable. The Wargear that I have selected for it is a Warscythe except it is more like the Pariahs Scythes (They actually look more like a Glaive to me) with a built in Gauss Blaster.


For general Equipment I usually use a Phase Shifter, and a Chronometron, even if it exceeds the point cost ingame. And like all good 'Krons it has the standard Disruption Field for all Melee Attacks. Since participating in the AKUMA tournament, Skir'Mish'Ra has gained a Lightning Field. He also gained a Phylactery pendant, but shortly lost it during the coarse of the Tournament.



General Stats that I go by in a semi-Dark Heresy style.


Weapon Skill: 60

Ballistic Skill: 70

Strength: 60 (Unnatural Characteristic)

Toughness: --

Agility: 50 (Unnatural Characteristic)

Intelligence: 50

Perception: 60

Will Power: --

Fellowship: 30


Wounds: 75

Regen: 1 wound / 5 seconds

Armour: 25



[b]Name		Class		Range	RoF			Damage				Pen		Clip		Special[/b]
Gauss Blaster	Heavy		100m	Semi-Auto x3	1d10+10X auto-crit		10		infinite	x2 vs vehicles
Fractal Scythe	Melee		---		---			2d10+12R				infinite	---		Powerfield, Fast

Powerfield: If parried by a weapon that does not have a Powerfield, there is a 75% chance to destroy that weapon. Weapons that are made of Superdense allows or pure energy are unaffected.

Fast: Opponents are at a -10% chance to parry or dodge.




- Necrons automatically pass all Toughness and Will Power Tests.

- Immune to Blood Loss, Fatigue, Stunning.

- Whenever hit by an attack there is a 50% chance the attack phases through with no effect.

- When reduced to below zero wounds there is an 80% chance to phase out, leaving the battlefield.

- If Phase Out test fails, the Necron continues to fight as if at 0 wounds.

- Unaffected by environmental effects (fog, darkness, underwater, vacuum, etc)

- Armor counts double against psychic attacks - even those that would normally bypass armor.

- Causes Fear class 2, considered very Frightening

- Hulking Target (Bigger than Average, but smaller than Enormous)

- Opponents attacking in Melee will be hit with arcs of Lightning, Damage: 1d10+2E




Intimidate+20	110%	Coerce or Frighten individuals or small groups.
Dodge		70%		Avoid being hit by a Ranged or Melee attack. This is used as a reaction.
Awareness		60%		Passive ability to detect hidden dangers or small details in ones surroundings. 
Search		60%		Actively search an area for fine details or dangers.
Lore (Necron)	50%		Knows the Full sum of All Necron knowledge.
Command+20	50%		Issue orders that are clear to subordinates
Climb: 		50%		Ability to scale sheer surfaces without proper hand/foot holds
Silent Move:	45%		Move without noise.
Conceal:		45%		Move unseen in a concealing environment.
Scrutiny:		30%		Assess encountered beings, determine lies, motive, worth, etc.
Evaluate:		25%		Determine the value of an object.
Logic:		25%		Math and Problem Solving.
Barter: 		15%		Negotiate better deals
Charm: 		15%		Befriend others, beg, convince, etc.
Deceive:		15%		Lie or Con others.




Melee Weapons Training [i](War Scythe)[/i]:	70%
Ranged Weapons Training [i](Gauss)[/i]: 	70% 

Blade Master: 		+10% to Melee [i](already accounted for)[/i]
Disturbing Voice:	+10% to Intimidate [i](already accounted for)[/i]
True Grit: 			Resistant to critical effects, such as beheading, amputation, etc. 
Immune to Fear:	self explanatory



Character History


Necron vs Old Ones War




Though most of this data is lost due to Engramic Decay as a result of repeated death and rebirth.



Necrons Reawakening/Harvest




Though was present for the attack on a world that fell to Chaos. Their harvesting prompted the locals to call any help they thought would save them... so they called Daemons.



The AKUMA Tournament


With one day of "Training" and Teleportation to anywhere in the 40K universe, he chose to go to Mars and see the Void Dragon. Here he learned that the Dragon and the EOM are planning something. And it was here that his Tag Team member the Grey Knights Grand Master was told to assist the Necron in the tournament, and was made immune to the Lightning Field that the Dragon installed in the Necron Lord. In addition to that, the Dragon also gave the Necron Lord a Phylactery pendant and chained it to his chest.


Through the coarse of the tournament, Skir lost (due to time out, and public vote) and was deactivated. At this time his team mate Regis, swiped the Phylactery off him and left him deactivated and locked up in the Tournament prisons.


After a whole other series of events that he wasn't apart of, AKUMA was defeated, and the island they were on started to sink. Fortunately for him, a portal was opened and Skir automatically phased out before being forever entombed in a watery grave.


His current whereabouts are unknown...



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