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No particular reason.

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I just thought of the idea of making a blog on the spot. I've never been one to take to the idea of 'Bloging', other then the appreciation of the sometimes pointless ramblings, or is it all pointless? Anyways, this blog doesn't have a central theme, other than what I want to be at any given moment. So what is this? The obvious is a blog, but is it more along the lines of a diary? I hope not; I don't find that very becoming. Although, the point of a diary is to express ones self, isn't it? Well, I'm pretty sure that that might not be all of it, but I won't be bothered to chage that notion. Currently, I really don't have anything that comes to mind, so I'm sure that this entry isn't going to last much longer, and before I go, you DON'T have to comment. You can completely skip over this, seeing as this is the fruit of a spontaneous idea, and that meaning that I don't really care about it(I might've just contradicted the crap out of myself, because, why would I post if I didn't care? Ok, that must mean that I care enough to post, but not enough to care about public opinion.) It just is, because I can. I don't want to end this entry on that last line, that's something a hate about writing sometimes, so many things end with over-dramatic lines. I don't really know if that line was over-dramatic, but that's how I'm going to judge it.

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