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    • Spoiler alert: Yamcha dies. 😆
    • I agree with this.  Marko's shapeshifting abilities were more on the level of Clayface when he was first introduced (sans the perfect human disguising, that is), but Sandman's since become much more powerful.  On a side note, I never did like what the DCAU did with Clayface's ability in his final appearances on JL. On Batman: tAS, Batman and Batgirl were able to knock Clayface around to an extent, but when he joined the Secret Society, he was suddenly able to hold his own against Superman and J'ohn??
    • Huh, Crane and Nygma have a decent chance of winning here with their combined intellect. Spidey's quite intelligent and cunning in his own right, though.
    • Good tourney entry, IKA. I've never watched either series, but from a glance at the characters, Class 1-A seems to be the group with most of the powerful abilities, while Class 3-E seems to be more skilled and strategic. I can't tell if Class 1-A has the smarts to keep its least powerful members from "dying" or if Class 3-E has the power to take all the heroes out, so I probably can't vote on a winner here.
    • I have a lot coming down the pipe. -The Chosen One Series with a focus on Anakin Skywalker in the MK universe. (Will eventually do a Neo story and a Liu Kang story) -Hunters Guild featuring Garrus Vakarian with Verse City as the backdrop. -A Khazan setting match featuring Yoda -Yamcha versus the Database
    • If there was a talk it out button, I'd vote that. I don't see spidey knocking him out with his fists, but he could think of something. I think given some more time, this battle could definitely swing the other way though.
    • I can see that being the case here. Spider-Man has more experience than Midoriya and is frustrated by the what's going on in the story. On the other hand, while Midoriya may not go full all out, I can see him doing so if he starts to realize he's going to get beat. And I don't see Spider-Man knocking him out clean. Midoriya may just talk some sense into him and make him submit.
    • Midoriya has all the power he needs to put this verison of Spider-Man down for the count, but if he is hesitant to use it, I think Spidey could easily steal a win here. This is a close call for sure, but I'll give it to Spidey just because of where the fight is taking place, Midoriya more than likely hesitate from using his full abilities.  ****
    • I agree about Vulture being a  non-factor for the most part. A number of things in Batman's arsenal could neutralize the old man.    But I wouldn't go so far as to compare Sandman to Clayface. Batman is through and through, a street level hero, when it comes to chance encounters. Without prep time, specialized gadgets, customized exoskeletons, ect, he doesn't have the tools to put down Sandman.   What would Batman do against 150 Sandmen? Or just one Sandman 150 feet tall? Yes, Bats has experience dealing with shape shifters that weaponize their own bodies. Clayface to me represents one of Batman's most tricky and dangerous villains. Unlike the Joker or Riddler, the brute physicality and versatile intrinsic armory of the Clayface represent an imminent threat. Now imagine that we gave Clayface access to potentially nigh limitless mass, and the ability to direct said mass with precision and power--remotely, mind you... I think Sandman solos a comfortable 90 percent of the time.
    • Oh boy. I'm a total mark for Spider-Man, someone's gonna have to be really convincing for me to vote against him.
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