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Kingpin vs. Heihachi Mishima

Match 14752 by Confession FPT
in progress now...

Count Marzo vs. Zasalamel

Match 14747 by Buzz Line
in progress now...

Mokujin vs. Pac-Man

Match 14745 by Confession FPT
in progress now...

Hulk Hogan vs. Ivan Drago

Match 14744 by ViceCityMobster86
in progress now...

Bruce Lee vs. Rocky Balboa

Match 14743 by The Boob Tube
in progress now...

Mokujin vs. Pac-Man

Mokujin: 7
Pac-Man: 0

Hulk Hogan vs. Ivan Drago

Hulk Hogan: 9
Ivan Drago: 8

Bruce Lee vs. Rocky Balboa

Bruce Lee: 11
Rocky Balboa: 1

Shrek vs. King Bowser

Shrek: 12
King Bowser: 5

Apocalypse vs. Wildcats

Apocalypse: 8
Wildcats: 0


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    • "Not a threat at all, rather a pact among pacts." If it was meant as a threat I'd have simply killed you without an making such an offer. Also as I said you are the only one here of any use to me, so why would I threaten you? Sorry you must understand my aggressive nature after what you just heard. I was merely offering you the dagger should you accept my request  a way to keep you safe even when I can't see you. You see.  
    • As Clara leans in to hear of Elbine's secret, and seeing Elbine thrusting an elven dagger into the table, Clara quickly jumps back with shock as her heart races. "I...I don't know what you mean by me being a threat to you. I'm just a simple bookkeeper who wants to explore the world with others. If you wanted me to keep a secret, you could have simply asked. There is no need for brash threats towards fellow teammates." Clara then sweeps back some of her slightly frayed hair back over her head after her sudden shock.
    • I don't know how he did it, but yes he did it lol I'd like to see a sequel but that's no surprise.
    • Mokujin wins!? That’s unexpected and boss AF. I do have a sequel to this written. Not sure if that’s something that anyone would want to see? 
    • Match Final Results RATINGS SCORE: 5.00 0 regular members rated the match. 1 CBUB Match Judges rated the match. MATCH SCORE Mokujin: 7 Pac-Man: 0
    • Muggy was oblivious to the potential confrontation occurring in the corner.  “Well jeeze, thanks for the offer, frann!” He takes the water pouch and drinks it in a careful, way, as to not have any of it touch the sides of his mouth.    “I apologize for my irresistible thirst, I have to take advantage of the free flowing water while I have the chance. If I go too long without it, I become a less agreeable guy.”
    • "I see... You seem to be mistaken." I'm not intending to take this adventure seriously at all, to be frank, the only reason I've targeted you so early on is because..." Ooc: The Boob Tube and OMFG I am going to send you both the message I am going to say so you may tell me if this breaks any of the rules. "It is for that reason that as of this moment, you are the only one I find to be a threat to what I wish to achieve." Elbine stabs an elven dagger into the table, "so I ask now, are you able to keep my secret or must I make the games begin earlier than expected? As long as you can keep your word to keep my secret I will not harm you in any way, as of now you are the only one of use to me now anyway."
    • The more I look into it, the harder it becomes for Sub-Zero to get a win. He's got to put up with someone who can tag a speedster who regularly breaks the sound barrier, and can run as fast as light, although I don't think even Snart could tag him if he were actually moving that fast. His Absolute Zero field gives him a huge advantage. The first time Sub-Zero goes in for a punch or a kick, his primary methods of fighting, he's going to lose at least a limb to that field. He's got cold resistance, but there's no reason to assume it's anywhere close to absolute zero levels of cold. At that point, it's only a matter of time until Snart lands a hit with his freeze gun and gets a win. If Sub-Zero has awareness, he can teleport and jump around and go for pot shots, but without that knowledge I don't see his win condition
    • Ooc: My bad, already forgot who was who. LoL For some reason, Clara's curiosity seems to be immediately drawn to Elbine's mysteriousness. As she adjusts her glasses and pulls out of her chair, the young woman excuses herself and heads towards Elbine's table. At first, Clara was a little frightened by his appearance, but takes a deep breath and sits across from him as she places her spell books onto the table. "Hello there, my name is Clara. I hope y-you don't mind me sitting here. It just seems like out of everyone here, you seem to the only person that is taking this Adventure's Guild thing seriously. Which is a good thing, if you ask me. The serious ones, like us, get to live longer than anyone else in here."
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