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Honoka (DOA)

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The following is a list of characters from the Dead or Alive video game series, created by Tecmo and Team Ninja.

Voiced by (English): Joe J. Thomas (Dimensions), Patrick Seitz (DOA5–present) Voiced by (Japanese): Daisuke Gōri (DOA–DOA4), Kenta Miyake (Dimensions–present) Live-action actor: Kevin Nash

is a semi-retired professional wrestler and Tina's overprotective father. He is also the widower of Alicia Armstrong, who died of a disease when Tina was only six years old, forcing Bass to take care of her by himself. He disapproves of Tina's aspirations of wanting to be a model (DOA2), a Hollywood actress (DOA3) and a rock star (DOA4). Consequently, Bass enters the DOA tournaments to put an end to her fame-seeking, only to fail at each attempt. In the fourth tournament, it is revealed that he intends to win so he would have enough money to enter the "Hyper Battle Grand Prix", which he then loses after seeing Tina's picture on a billboard and crashes into it after losing control of his bike. Like Tina in the English versions of the game, he, too, speaks with a Southern accent. In DOA5, two years after the fourth tournament, Bass is a worker at an oil rig, DiG, and has befriended Rig. He decides to re-enter the ring after the next tournament is announced, mainly after hearing that Tina will participate. After defeating Tina in the quarterfinals, he places third after losing to Jann Lee in the semifinals. By the time after DiG was somehow destroyed and Rig was homeless because the said oil rig location was like a home to him, Bass offer him to stay with him. As DOA6 tournament about to start, he and Tina return to their wrestling career, with Rig was hired to sponsor them. Bass is then being introduced by his daughter, her new MMA friend and their biggest fan, Mila, who eventually becoming his opponent at the round of 16, and honorably defeated him. When someone like Mugen Tenshin and Hayabusa Ninjas, including the mercenary Bayman are trying to come after Rig, Bass becomes worried about his best friend's situation, and recently his sudden disappearance, unaware that MIST brainwashed his friend into serving them.

In the live-action adaptation, Bass is played by professional wrestler Kevin Nash. In the movie, he tries to persuade Tina to return to wrestling. Bass' character is far more lighthearted in the movie, even applauding Tina when she beats him.

Honoka (DOA)

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