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Tommy Pickles

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Thomas Malcolm "Tommy" Pickles is a fictional character that appears in the Nickelodeon animated television series Rugrats and its spin-off All Grown Up! as the protagonist of the shows. He is voiced by E.G. Daily and first appeared on television in the Rugrats episode "Tommy's First Birthday" on August 11, 1991. Tommy was created by Arlene Klasky and designed by Gábor Csupó. Klasky was taking care of her fifteen month old son when the idea of a show about a one year old's point of view came to her, the day before her, Csupó, and Paul Germain were scheduled to pitch a show to Nickelodeon for their Nicktoons series. The character is named after Germain's son.

Tommy is the eldest son of Stu and Didi, and the brother of Dil. Tommy's most prominent character traits are his bravery, kindess, and loyalty. He has appeared in other media relating to Rugrats, including video games, films, and comic strips. Hallmarks of the character include his all-purpose screwdriver and his catchphrases "A baby's gotta do what a baby's gotta do!" and "Hang on to your diapies babies, we're going in."

In the unaired Rugrats pilot episode, Tommy was voiced by Tami Holbrook.

Tommy is admired amongst his playmates for his great bravery, kindness, loyalty, and adventurous nature, effectively encouraging others to partake in expeditions of the world around them and coaxing them from cowardice, most notably Chuckie Finster, Tommy's best friend. However, it is often his misinterpretations of adult conversation, the workings of different devices, or intentions of others around him that provide the Rugrats with a goal to seek as the plot of the episode. He remains faithful in friendships and his brotherhood with baby Dil, the youngest of the infants, ensuring that everyone else's hopes and fears are achieved or overcome or assisting them in accomplishing their wishes. He is quite intelligent, giving, and kindhearted, and was characterized by great determination and leadership. He also abhors his spoiled cousin Angelica's deceptions against the children and her constant bullying, although he may or may not necessarily succumb to her lies always or be one of the first to show skepticism against them. However, Tommy's childlike curiosity often may entangle the babies in mischief unknowingly.

Tommy Pickles

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