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Astro Megazord

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The Zord used in the television series Power Rangers in Space are mostly spacecraft themed. They are kept either in orbit around Earth or in a special hangar on Jupiter's moon Ganymede most of the time.

In Power Rangers in Space, the Rangers didn't initially have individual Zords. Instead, the Astro Megaship, which the Rangers used to travel through space, transformed into their primary Megazord. It could only do this with the addition of the NASADA Space Shuttle/Astro Megashuttle that the Turbo Rangers brought with them from Earth and a black box of Zordon's that Alpha 6 decoded. The Megaship was armed with the Mega Lasers, which could be used to fire on Velocifighters.

The ship had an on-board computer named D.E.C.A. that communicated with the Rangers about the ship's functionality. It spoke with a woman's voice (voiced by Julie Maddalena).

Also the space rangers wouldn't have been able to use their powers without Astro Megaship, since it was the command center that controlled their morphing powers.

Astro Megazord

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