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Art Galt

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There are several characters in the Rambo films. Several of them only appear in one of the films.

John James Rambo is an iconic fictional character and the basis of the Rambo saga. He is played by Sylvester Stallone in the films and voiced by Neil Ross in the animated series.

Colonel Samuel "Sam" Trautman is the secondary character in the franchise. He's played by Richard Crenna in the first three Rambo films and voiced by Alan Oppenheimer in the animated series.

Sheriff Will Teasle (Brian Dennehy) appears in First Blood as the main antagonist. He strongly dislikes drifters. He arrests John Rambo for this reason, before he escapes. As the film progresses, Teasle becomes enemies with Rambo. He initially wants to take Rambo alive, but when Art Galt is killed by Rambo, Teasle becomes obsessed with hunting him down and killing him, even after hearing that Rambo was a war hero in Vietnam. Will later meets Colonel Trautman. At the end of the movie, Rambo severely injures him and almost kills him before Trautman stops him, unlike in the novel, where Teasle and Rambo kill each other. He is last seen being taken into an ambulance and is not seen or mentioned again in later films.

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