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Rachel Green

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Rachel Karen Green is a fictional character on the popular U.S. television sitcom Friends, portrayed by Jennifer Aniston. Aniston received an Emmy Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and a Golden Globe for her performances.

Rachel was born on May 5. She grew up in Long Island with her mother Sandra (played by Marlo Thomas), her father Leonard (Ron Leibman) and her two sisters, Jill (Reese Witherspoon) and Amy (Christina Applegate). Her father is a doctor and her family is shown to be incredibly wealthy; Rachel states that they owned a boat and that she had her own pony. She and her sisters are portrayed to be vain and spoiled. She is described as being the most popular girl in her high school and was a head cheerleader. Despite her popularity, her best friend was the formerly fat and unpopular Monica Geller (Courteney Cox). Rachel was close to Monica's family when she was in high school, so she already knew Monica's older brother Ross Geller (David Schwimmer), who harbors a long unrequited love for her, and Ross's best friend from college Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry).

Rachel first appears in the Pilot episode when she comes into Central Perk in a rain-soaked wedding dress. Rachel had just run away from her wedding to Barry Farber (Mitchell Whitfield) because she realized that she didn't really love him. Monica, whom she hasn't seen in years, invites her to stay with her at her apartment. It is in this episode that she first meets Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow) and Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc).

Rachel's personality evolves during the series. Early on, she is portrayed as a spoiled "daddy's girl" but later, especially after having Emma, becomes less self-absorbed. Image-conscious Rachel had a nose job when she was a teenager, which, she claimed, was due to a deviated septum. Flashback episodes show her with a much larger nose and the insinuation is that the operation was for image, a fact confirmed by a flippant comment from her sister Amy, regarding Emma – "Do you ever worry that Emma's going to get your real nose?". She can be arrogant - her involvement with her neighbor, Danny, shows Rachel with some inability to comprehend that a man may not be interested in her.

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