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CBUB Wins: 1
CBUB Losses: 3
Win Percentage: 25.00%

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This is a list featuring all the Godzilla games made through the years.

These are the many video games on various consoles that are based on the Godzilla films and related kaiju eiga:

These are the monsters that have appeared in the 2000s.

Bagan (バガン) is a monster that was going to be given a chance to battle Mothra and Godzilla, but was cut out. It is the most popular of the unmade Toho monsters due to its appearance as a final opponent in the Super Nintendo video game, Super Godzilla. This is Toho's most well-known abandoned monster (abandoned, film-wise).

Fantasy Teams Season 7 Record:

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Result Opponent A Score   B Score
Loss Megas XLR 5 to 7
Loss Ultraman Zearth 4 to 6

Regular play Record:

Result Opponent A Score   B Score
Win Nappa 12 to 7
Loss 199 Heroes (Super Sentai) 6 to 7