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Snow White

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Snow White is a fictional character and the protagonist from Disney's 1937 animated film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, as well as an official Disney Princess.

Snow White is a princess of noble birth who is forced into servitude by her jealous stepmother, The Evil Queen. She is very pure hearted, innocent, and a bit naïve, but she never loses faith that one day her wish for true love will someday come and take her away. She remains cheerful and kind, no matter how poorly her stepmother, the Queen, treats her.

She's a born optimist, who will always see the bottle half full no matter how grim things may seem. A silent dreamer, she loves helping people less fortunate than herself and never judges others. And with a kind, gentle and feminine nature, she follows her heart and does what she feels is right even if it can lead her into trouble. For example, she helps a suspicious, ugly crone( who turned out to be the Evil Queen in disguise) by bringing her into the cottage after Grumpy told her not to let anyone in to protect herself.

She sees the good in everyone and everything, almost to a fault, but through it all she's a good person with a huge heart and a motherly soul that can charm anyone, even Grumpy.

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