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Oliver Queen (Smallville)

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Green Arrow, a DC Comics superhero, has appeared in media other than comic books over the last thirty five years, including animated shows, live action productions, and video games.

The first television appearance of Green Arrow was a single guest spot in an episode of the original 1973 incarnation of Super Friends. He was voiced by Norman Alden. He was referred to as a "Staunch member of the Justice League of America."

Green Arrow makes numerous appearances in the animated television series Justice League Unlimited and was the first new hero seen to be introduced in the revamped series in the episode "Initiation". In this version, Queen is reluctant to join the League as he believes that being associated with a group that tends to focus on extra-normal threats will distract him from his primary goal: protecting "the little guy." However, his strong leftist political convictions ("I'm an old lefty" from the episode "Flashpoint") and his sometimes irreverent advocacy of them are key reasons the Justice League insists on recruiting him as a prominent voice of the team. This proves instrumental during the Project Cadmus incident where his counsel is critical in preventing the Justice League dangerously overreacting to their enemies which could have corrupted the team into an equivalent of the totalitarian Justice Lords.

In this animated version Queen is still a billionaire, having sold his company to devote to his volunteer and activist activities exclusively, and develops a romantic relationship with Black Canary over the course of the series. Speedy makes one appearance during the show in the episode "Patriot Act". While Queen refers to Speedy as his "ex-sidekick," Speedy prefers the term "ex-partner." Arrow was voiced by Kin Shriner. According to the TV Guide for the week of July 25–31, Shriner showed up at the recording studio dressed as Green Arrow.

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