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This is a list of minor characters created specifically for the Cartoon Network animated series Teen Titans.

Batman was referenced in the episode 'Apprentice'. When Robin said, "I already have a father," the scene cut to a shot of bats flying in a dark room; in the same episode, a Wayne Enterprises building made an appearance, referring to Bruce Wayne (Batman's playboy billionaire alter-ego). It also referred to Thomas Wayne, Bruce Wayne's dead father, and his family company for years when Bruce Wayne's parents were still alive. In "Haunted", when Raven entered Robin's mind, she sees brief, scrolling snapshots of his history. One of them shows silhouettes of Robin and Batman, but Batman's ears are obscured. In the comics based on the show, Batman made a cameo in Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Robin's origins in Teen Titans GO! #47.

Chu-Hui is known as "the True Master", a legendary martial arts master, despite her appearance as a small, elderly lady. She lives on a temple located on a mountaintop in China near a remote, agricultural village, and has three animal guardians in the form of a bear, a snake, and a monkey, who have human knowledge and speech. The guardians test those who want to become her students.

NOTE: Chu-Hui is named after series background painter Chu-Hui Song.

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