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Dimitri Rascalov

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A number of recurring characters appear in the video game Grand Theft Auto IV, set in 2008. The characters that appear in Grand Theft Auto IV are relatively diverse and relative to the respective boroughs of Liberty City they are based in, belonging to various gangs and ethnic groups. The player controls Niko Bellic, an immigrant from Southeastern Europe . According to Dan Houser, "virtually none of the characters from the previous games returned, as a lot of them are dead anyway."

Unlike previous games in the series, the voice actors of Grand Theft Auto IV do not include notable and high-profile celebrities, instead opting for lesser known actors such as Michael Hollick, Jason Zumwalt, Anthony Patellis, Moti Margolin, Thomas Lyons, Timothy Adams and Coolie Ranx. However, several high-profile DJs host the various radio stations within the game such as Iggy Pop, Karl Lagerfeld, Juliette Lewis, Daddy Yankee, and real life DJs like DJ Premier, DJ Green Lantern, Lazlow, and real life comedians Katt Williams and Ricky Gervais can be seen at the Comedy Club and also be heard being interviewed on the in-game radio station WKTT.

For the first time in the series, Grand Theft Auto IV features "morality choices" in several points of the game, in which the player is forced to choose between killing or sparing a character, or killing one of two characters. In some of these situations the player can choose to carry out execution-style killings, which are played out as cut scenes. The game also has two possible endings, which is determined by a decision the player makes with the main antagonist towards the conclusion of the storyline: Revenge or Deal. Each choice affects the missions the player can partake and the fate of some characters.

For the purposes of this list, missions specific to a particular ending in which a character is killed in are labeled "(Revenge)" and "(Deal)" respectively.

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