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Damian Wayne

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Damian Wayne is a fictional character in the . Damian is the child of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul and thus the grandson of Batman villain Ra's al Ghul.

The character originally appeared as an unnamed infant in the 1987 story Son of the Demon , which was then discarded from continuity. Following this, various alternate universe stories dealt with the course of the character's life, giving him varying names. In 2006, the character was reinterpreted as Damian Wayne by Grant Morrison, and reintroduced into the main continuity in Batman #655, the first issue of the Batman & Son story arc.

Having spent his gestation in a laboratory, Damian as a pre-adolescent is left by his mother in the care of his father, who was not aware of his son's existence until that point in time. Damian is violent and self-important, and was trained by the League of Assassins, learning to kill at a young age, which creates a troubled relationship with his father who refuses to kill his opponents. However, the Dark Knight does care for his lost child. After the events of Batman R.I.P. and Batman: Battle for the Cowl, Damian takes up the identity of Robin at ten years of age . He is the fifth person to use the Robin identity. He works with Dick Grayson, who has become the new Batman.

The child from Son of the Demon was utilized in various stories before appearing as Damian Wayne.

Damian Wayne

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