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Richard Rahl

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Richard Rahl (also known as Richard Cypher) is the protagonist in The Sword of Truth fantasy series by Terry Goodkind. He is the adopted son of George Cypher and the younger adopted brother of Michael Cypher. He grew up as a woods guide in Westland and as a friend of the wizard Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander. In his youth he learned the Book of Counted Shadows by heart and burned it.

The character is portrayed by Australian actor Craig Horner in the TV series Legend of the Seeker in which a considerable amount of his history is different from that developed by the book.

Richard Rahl is a young man with thick, coarse, dark brown hair, a hawk-like brow, gray eyes and powerful muscles. He is described as bigger than most men with broad shoulders. He starts the series in his early-twenties. His eyes are gray and piercing, and the color is used as an identification of him several times later in the series. He wears earth tones at the start of the series, mostly dark greens and browns. However, later, he acquires the outfit of Baraccus, the last War Wizard from the Great War. He wears a golden cloak and black tunic with silver wristbands carved with runic symbols. At his waist are pouches containing various items, most notably is white sorcerer's sand and black sorcerer's sand. He wears the Sword of Truth at his hip - a sword bestowed upon the Seeker and only the Seeker. It is inlaid with the word 'truth' in gold on the hilt and he often checks to make sure it is free in its scabbard. Around his neck is, among other things, a gold medallion with a large ruby in the center and Denna's Agiel.

Richard has always had a hunger to learn and was named "Seeker of Truth" by his grandfather, Zedd the First Wizard. He always insists on knowing the truth of things. He does not fear the truth, nor, in spite of his title, does he always tell the truth. His earliest skills were an intimate knowledge of plants and herbalism as well as tracking, carving, and archery. Richard was born with the ability to ask questions that fill people's minds with pictures that make them answer, even when they had no intention to do so and even when this is not Richard's intention. Richard sometimes thinks of it as a curse. Zedd is like a second father to him. Richard has never wanted power and prefers to be left alone.

Richard Rahl Richard Rahl

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