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Jimmy Neutron

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The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, often shortened to just Jimmy Neutron, is an American animated television series, and spin-off of the Academy Award nominated computer-animated movie, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. It first officially aired on September 6, 2002, on Nickelodeon, and on September 6, 2004 on E4, which is owned by Channel 4, and is also the very first computer-animated Nicktoon. Jimmy Neutron, Spongebob Squarepants, and Fairly OddParents were always nominated for "Best Cartoon" in the Nick Choice Awards. You can still see the show on TV because Nickelodeon broadcasts reruns of the series.

James Isaac "Jimmy" Neutron (Debi Derryberry) is the main protagonist of the show. He is an 11-year-old American boy with a stunning IQ and a love for science. Usually, his inventions cause more harm than benefit for the city of Retroville, but that never stops him from trying. Most of the time, he's busy saving the city from his own experiments gone wrong. He is best friends with Carl and Sheen. Throughout the series there are hints that he has feelings for Cindy Vortex, although he is in love with Betty Quinlin. His middle name is named after Isaac Newton, the famous physicist.

Goddard (Frank Welker) is Jimmy's trusty robotic dog. Considering he's made of sprockets, circuits and widgets, Goddard makes one great man's best friend. Plus, unlike his real-life canine cousins, Goddard can transform into a whole slew of useful tools, vehicles and other gadgets for Jimmy. Goddard's still has a few kinks to work out, but otherwise, this digital dog is the perfect (cyber) canine companion. Goddard is named after Robert Goddard, the "Father of Rocketry".

Carlton "Carl" Wheezer (Rob Paulsen) is Jimmy's shy, asthmatic right hand man. Carl is allergic to lots of things, including cats, turtles, and even lasers. Yet he still helps Jimmy with his experiments.

Jimmy Neutron Jimmy Neutron

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