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The Shrike

CBUB Wins: 3
CBUB Losses: 6
Win Percentage: 33.33%

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The Shrike is a character from Dan Simmons' Hyperion universe, set far in humanity's future.

The Shrike appears in all of the Hyperion books and is something of an enigma; its true purpose isn't 'revealed' until the second book, but even then it is left a malleable purpose. In fact, this explanation is changed significantly in the latter two books (The Endymion duology). The Shrike appears to act both autonomously and as a servant of some unknown force or entity, and in the first two Hyperion books, exists solely in the area around the Time Tombs on the planet Hyperion. In the latter two, it is effectively unfettered.

The Shrike stands roughly three meters in height and is described as being composed of razorwire, thorns, blades, and cutting edges, having fingers like scalpels and long, curved toe blades. It is basically a gigantic, bladed killing machine.

Fantasy Teams Season 2 Record:

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Result Opponent A Score   B Score
Win Jenny Wakeman AKA XJ9 16 to 9
Win Raiden (Metal Gear) 21 to 5
Loss Red Tornado 16 to 22

Regular play Record:

Result Opponent A Score   B Score
Loss Doomsday 24 to 81
Loss Beta Ray Bill 35 to 78
Tie Saint of Killers 50 to 50
Win Super Grover 57 to 50
Loss KOS-MOS 47 to 50
Loss The Galactic Empire (Star Wars) 48 to 61
Loss Aunt May 40 to 69