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Vicki Vale

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Victoria "Vicki" Vale is a fictional character that appears in comic book published by DC Comics. The character first appears in Batman #49 (October/November 1948), and was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger.

Vicki Vale first appeared in Batman #49 (Oct/Nov 1948), in a 12-page story entitled "Scoop of the Century!", written by Bill Finger, with art by Bob Kane and Lew Schwartz. Her look is said to have been modelled by Kane on that of young model Norma Jean Mortensen, who would later become known as Marilyn Monroe. Reputedly created to mirror the success of Superman/Clark Kent's reporter colleague and love-interest Lois Lane, her role in the story consisted largely of reporting on Batman's activities for a newspaper (the Gotham Gazette). She was frequently romantically attracted to Batman (and Bruce Wayne on occasion also), and repeatedly suspected they were the same person.

Often the plot of a story featuring Vicki Vale revolved around her suspicions regarding Batman's identity. Batman would usually manage to fool her into concluding that he was not really Bruce Wayne by the end of the story, but then her suspicions would reemerge in a later story.

Vicki Vale remained a prominent character in Batman stories from Batman #49, in 1948, until Detective #320 in October 1963. In 1964, Julius Schwartz became the editor of the Batman-related comics. Schwartz dropped a number of Batman's Silver Age backing characters, including Vicki Vale, Batwoman, Bat-Girl, Bat-Mite, and Ace the Bat-Hound.

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