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The Orb (Marvel)

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The Orb is the name of two fictional supervillains appearing in American comic book published by Marvel Comics, primarily adversaries of Ghost Rider.

The Drake Shannon version of Orb debuted in Marvel Team-Up #15 (November 1973) and was created by writer Len Wein and artist Ross Andru.

The second Orb first appeared in Ghost Rider #26 (Oct. 2008) and was created by Jason Aaron and Tan Eng Huat.

The Orb appeared as one of the villains in the 2014 crossover story Original Sin, which involved the theft of the eyes of the Watcher. Writer Jason Aaron said, "It was [[Tom Breevort|Tom [Breevort]'s]] ideally initially to use the Orb; no one will believe me on that, though. Using him is an obvious idea, but something I didn't think of until Tom mentioned it. Tom's thinking, rationally so, was that since we were doing a story which revolves around eyeballs being stolen then using a villain who got an eyeball for a head was perfect."

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