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Marvel Animated Features (MAF) is a series of eight direct-to-video animated superhero film made by MLG Productions, a joint venture between Marvel Studios (later Marvel Animation) and Lions Gate Entertainment.

In 2004, Marvel Entertainment, Marvel Comics' new parent corporation, struck a deal with Lions Gate Entertainment to produce a series of eight to ten direct-to-video animated movies under the name of Marvel Animated Features in conjunction with Marvel Studios, Marvel's direct film subsidiary.

The first two features, Ultimate Avengers: The Movie and Ultimate Avengers 2: Rise of the Panther, were released February 2006 and August 2006 respectively. As of November 2006, UA and UA2 combined had sold over 1.5 million units and both were in the top 10 children's releases for the year.

After the pair of Ultimate Avengers (UA) DVDs, the next MAF film, The Invincible Iron Man, was released in January 2007. As of January 2007, Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme was slated next for summer 2007 with the tentatively titled Teen Avengers under early development. The Invincible Iron Man and Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme features existed separately from the UA movie universe. A possible cross over or a third UA movie was hinted at being considered at that time. Originally, the MAF were being released two per year until Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme; while it was an Annie Awards nominee for "Best Home Entertainment Production" of 2007,

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