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Sideswipe is a fictional robot character in the Transformers franchise. Because of trademark restrictions, toys of the character are sometimes marketed as Side Swipe.

Sideswipe (sometimes 'Agujero in Mexico, Lambor in Japan, Frérot Québec, Freccia (meaning "arrow") in Italy, Csatár' (meaning "striker") in Hungary) is described in his tech file as a brave but often rash warrior. He is almost as skilled as his twin brother Sunstreaker in combat, but is less ruthless. Sideswipe transformed into a red Lamborghini Countach, while his brother, Sunstreaker, transformed into a yellow Lamborghini Countach. Because of his jetpack, Sideswipe was one of few G1 Autobots with the ability to fly and capacity for space flight.

In 1984 CBC's The Journal did a report on how some people considered Transformers like Sideswipe and other war toys too violent for children. Dreamwave comics artist Pat Lee says his favorite Transformer is Sideswipe.

Sideswipe was part of the initial crew of Autobots aboard the Ark when it crash-landed on Earth four million years ago. He awakened along with his fellow Transformers in 1984, with both he and his brother being reformatted into Lamborghini sports cars. Sideswipe loaned Optimus Prime the use of his rocket pack when the Decepticons nearly escaped from Earth with a starship full of energon. Throughout Seasons 1 and 2, Sideswipe was voiced by Michael Bell.

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