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Kat (Gravity Rush)

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Kat, known in Japan as Kitten, is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Gravity Rush series. A young woman with retrograde amnesia, she awakens in the city of Hekseville after falling from the sky, and sets out to discover the origins of her power to shift gravity. She becomes a hero to the people of the city after defending them from the threat of mysterious creatures called the Nevi. Her powers stem entirely from Dusty, a supernatural, cat-like organism that is bound to her, and whom she later realizes is a type of being known as a Guardian. Kat has received critical praise for the unique nature of her powers, leading to inventive gameplay scenarios, as well as her optimistic personality, which has been noted to set her apart from typical superheroes.

Kat is a young woman with tan skin, red eyes, and blonde hair. She wears a black romper held on her body by elastic, decorative pieces of gold metal. She also wears a cape-like scarf on her back, a matching headband, and two bracer, as well as tall socks with gold high heels.

Kat initially awakens after falling out of the sky and landing in a small playground in Hekseville, a city that is suspended in midair and attached to a massive vertical stone pillar called the World Pillar. Realizing she has amnesia, she sets out to look for the origins of her gravity shifting powers and begins helping people in Hekseville. Eventually she discovers the threat of the Nevi, mysterious interdimensional creatures that begin attacking the citizens of Hekseville, and becomes the city's defender, the "Gravity Queen". She comes into conflict with Raven, a fellow gravity shifter of unknown origin, who later becomes her close friend and ally.

In Gravity Rush 2, Kat is taken through a portal into another universe, that of Jirga Para Lhao. She finally escapes and goes back to Hekseville, where she saves the city yet again. Climbing the World Pillar, she discovers that she is actually Queen Alua, the ruler of a lost civilization called Eto, but an advisor named Xicero attempted to murder her for wanting to save the city below from an oncoming black hole that marks the world's destruction and rebirth. She eventually escapes and returns to Hekseville, where she saves the city a final time from a dark force that has merged with the current ruler of Eto, an evil gravity-shifting child named Cai. She seals away the black hole, presumably perishing in the process, but she is hinted at being alive in the ending.

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