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Punchline is a fictional supervillain appearing DC Comics. She is the new sidekick and girlfriend of the Joker, the archenemy of the superhero Batman.

Punchline was created by writer James Tynion IV, and designed by artist Jorge Jimenez. She had her first full appearance the following week in the third issue of Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen.

Alexis Kaye was a college girl in Gotham, only working hard enough to make sure she would make high enough grades to proceed through her courses. One day, during a field trip to a TV studio, her class is shot dead by Joker and his goons, and he forces her to read a manuscript on live TV. An unspecified time later, she begins a podcast detailing her research into Joker. As time progresses, she develops an unhealthy obsession with him and starts replicating the kind of behaviors he would commit, from stabbing a mouse for the fun of it to developing her own version of Joker toxin. Eventually, she dons her own clown costume and tests her toxin on random bystanders in Gotham, and it kills them, but it doesn't make them laugh. Joker, who sees she's trying to replicate his homicidal methods, informs her the toxin she made is missing a few ingredients, and they form a romantic partnership.

When her class celebrates a "dress as your hero day", her professor reprimands her about wearing Joker-themed attire, which he deems distasteful given several of her classmates were murdered by him. She blows cigarette smoke in his face, which causes him to start laughing. She records him laughing, slowly dying, and proceeds to don her clown costume again, rambling about how society is corrupt, and Joker is the only one who can set the world straight and end corruption, even if it means murdering countless innocent bystanders. She then dubs herself Punchline as her professor dies.

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