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Roku is a fictional supervillain and antiheroine appearing in books published by the American publisher Valiant Comics. The character was created by Matt Kindt and Clay Mann.

Roku's original identity was Angelina Alcott, MI-6 agent and the daughter of another MI-6 agent, Neville Alcott. Angelina Alcott is the secret service liaison and spy craft instructor to novice trainee Colin King. While training, the two begin a secret affair. Colin fails an assignment against an assassin named Xaman, a follower of the Undead Monk. The next night when Angelina and Colin are having sex, several gunmen hired by Xaman attack them, and Colin believes that Angelina is killed. He continues his training under Angelina's father.

Angelina is not dead, however; a group of students of the Undead Monk has taken her to their teacher's monastery, where the hidden benefactor of their order, Master Darque, performs dark magic on her. Awakening with little to no memory of who she was, Roku believes she'd come to their temple searching for her brother. After undergoing a metaphysical surgical procedure that wipes her former life and past self from her conscious memory, she finds herself buried deep beneath the earth, wrapped in bandaging.

Suddenly finding she has total control over her body, she uses her shade-changing hair to tunnel out of the earth, only to find herself within a cave populated by ghouls and demons. Each new demon she encounters asks her a question relating to her old self. She defeats them all and climbs out of a deep dark well. She is met by the Undead Monk's students, who induct her into their order.

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