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King Andrias Leviathan

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The animated series Amphibia features a number of characters created by Matt Braly. The series centers on Anne Boonchuy who opens a mysterious music box that transports herself and her friends to the world of Amphibia. Anne is adopted by the Plantars, the adventurous Sprig, feisty Polly, and the wise Hop Pop as they go on various adventures and face numerous dangers. Anne's human friends include Sasha and Marcy. Much of the show revolves around Anne interacting with the residents of Wartwood who start off hostile towards her but slowly welcome her as one of them.

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Anne Boonchuy is the main protagonist of Amphibia and a 13-year-old Thai-American human girl originally from Los Angeles, California, who is transported to Amphibia alongside her friends Sasha and Marcy by a magical chest known as the Calamity Box. She is a self-assured and fearless teen with the spirit of an adventurer. Upon her arrival, she loses her right shoe. After living in the jungle for two weeks, she is found by Sprig Plantar and quickly befriends him. She is discovered by the rest of the Plantars and the town of Wartwood who reluctantly let her stay with them. While slightly angsty around the Plantars at first, she realizes that they want to care for her and does her best to please them, especially Sprig who she has a lot in common with. She lives in their basement which is prone to flooding. Over the course of the first season, Anne displays bouts of homesickness and imprints her hobbies on the Plantars, such as her love of pizza, her pet cat Domino, her TV habits, her obsession with couples, her restaurateur abilities and her dancing prowess. Over time, Anne has grown to love the family as her own and does not wish any harm come to them, though she can sometimes be purposefully manipulative to them to get what she wants. While the Wartwood citizens openly mock her at first, they slowly warm up to her and accept her as one of them after she protects them from debt collector Toads that the Mayor had cheated. After the Wartwood citizens threw a celebration for her, Anne is reunited with Sasha who she learns is in league with the Toad Warriors. Anne eventually comes to the realization that Sasha had been manipulative of her throughout their friendship and is forced to fight her. They become separated afterward, with Anne becoming distraught over losing her but promising to make things right with her in the future.

In season two, Anne and the Plantars leave Wartwood to find answers to how Anne came to Amphibia and how she can get back. They arrive in Newtopia where Anne is happily reunited with Marcy. She was initially protective of her due to her clumsiness but has now accepted that she can take care of herself. Anne was also shown to be slightly jealous of Marcy's intelligence but realized that she was better at being social than her, thus evening them out. While in Newtopia, Anne comes to grips with the fact that she misses her mother most of all and that she would want to be with her more than anything in the world. Together with Marcy, they come to accept that despite her genuinely caring about them Sasha had always looked down on them to a degree. However, they will get her back regardless. Upon discovering that the Calamity Box has lost its power and needs to be recharged (it was left back in Wartwood), Anne becomes solemn over leaving the Plantars, and upon seeing this Marcy lets her to go back with them so they can retrieve the box together and meet up at the first temple. Upon returning to Wartwood, Anne reveals that she is a practitioner of Muay Thai, due to her mother's insistence. She finds out about Hop Pop lying to her about the Calamity Box and becomes angered. When she learns that Hop Pop's fears are related to the death of Sprig and Polly's parents, she forgives him, but admits that she needs time to herself. She later successfully completes the second temple by not only admitting to being dishonest, such as lying about stealing the Calamity Box, but also proving her courageousness in the face of danger. However, she only partially charges her gem as the blue hue in her eyes had not fully been filtered out and her gem begins to flicker. Afterwards, she reunites with Sasha, though she reluctantly accepts her help with the third temple. When Anne discovers Andrias' true intentions with the Calamity Box, she becomes determined to stop him and unleashes her inert blue energy that allows her to fight back. She returns home to Los Angeles, along with the Plantars and the head of Frobo.

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