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Allison Hayes (Dreamstalker)

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Freddy Krueger's A Nightmare on Elm Street was a short lived black-and-white comic book set in the A Nightmare on Elm Street universe and published by Marvel Comics in late 1989. Chronologically, its events takes place about three years after the events of A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987). It was cancelled after only its second issue for unclear reasons. The remaining storyline is named Dreamstalkers (part 1 & 2) and was left unresolved with a cliffhanger ending.

An ambulance arrives at the home of Roger and Patti Hayes, who had found their daughter Allison near death in her bed, slashed and bruised with no hints of who attacked her. Dr. Juliann Quinn is preparing to leave New York City and her boyfriend Doug behind for her hometown of Springwood in Ohio, where she has a job offer at the Westin Hills Psychiatric Hospital waiting for her. Falling asleep, she has a nightmare about Freddy Krueger, but wakes up due to her cigarette lighting her bed up and forcing her to quench the flame quickly. In the Springwood Medical Center, Freddy attacks Allison once again while she's in surgery, but she starts to fight back on her nemesis, leading the doctors to conclude that her body tried to die, but her mind would not allow it. Juliann travels to Springwood by plane, studying Freddy's dossier, reading about Amanda Krueger and her horrific rape at the Our Lady of Sorrows' Institution For the Mentally Ill (the precursor of Westin Hills), and even starts to have nightmares about Freddy on the plane while dozing off. Once arrived, she continues to have the nightmares, but has learned mental techniques to keep Freddy from killing her for the time. Juliann is assigned to be Allison's doctor, and to Allison's relief, proves to be the only one capable of understanding what she is going through. Juliann and Allison enters the dream world together, where they encounter Freddy.


Freddy comes close to killing Juliann, but Allison turns herself into a living ball of flame and wards him off long enough for the two heroines to awake themselves. After this, Juliann has Allison put on Hypnocil while staying at the Springwood hospital. After meeting with Dr. Marlin, he makes it clear to Juliann that Allison will not be allowed to take Hypnocil once she's transferred to the Westin Hills Psychiatric Hospital, due to the scandal that happened there three years ago. At home, Juliann goes to take a shower before sleep, but she had in fact already fallen asleep and is surprised to find herself in the Oval Office, where Freddy is sitting in the president's chair. She tries to run away, but finds herself too exhausted. Freddy reappears and stabs her in the stomach while pointing out her fatal mistake: she had cared so much for Allison's safety that she had dropped the guard on her own. Allison is devastated to hear of her death and swears revenge on Freddy. Dr. Watley is reassigned to be her new doctor, but Allison refuses to explain her afflictions to him, saying it wouldn't make any difference if she did. She prepares mentally, thinking up clothing and a glove akin to Freddy's and fights him, but he ultimately tricks her, causing her to attack Watley while sleepwalking in reality, thinking that she's attacking Freddy; Watley orders for her to be sedated and sent to the secure ward.

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