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Chandu The Magician

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Chandu the Magician is an American supernatural radio drama which originally aired from 1931–1936. A revival on a different network took place 12 years later, airing from 1948–1950. The series was created by Harry A. Earnshaw (1878–1953) and Raymond R. Morgan. Chandu was Stan Lee's inspiration for the more famous Marvel Comics character Doctor Strange.

Launched in 1931 on KHJ in Los Angeles, the series was soon heard through the West Coast when broadcast on the Don Lee Network. It was then heard, starting in February 1932, over WOR in the East. Nationally, it aired over the Mutual Network beginning on October 8, 1932. The series was sponsored by White King Soap in the West and by Beech Nut Gum in the East.

Cyril Armbrister directed the scripts by Vera Oldham which took Chandu to far-flung locales, both real and mythical. Romantic interludes for Chandu were introduced with Egyptian Princess Nadji (Veola Vonn). Music was first furnished by Felix Mills and then Raymond Paige. According to Veola Vonn, the program was broadcast from the KHJ building on Melrose Avenue; the KHJ building is still standing, although the KHJ studios are no longer in use.

In 1932, Walter Winchell noted, "One of the smaller radio chains has a feature called Chandu, which is Hindu-Chinese for an opium preparation. In fewer words—Dope".

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