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Warthog (Halo)

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The M12 LRV Warthog is a fictional vehicle that appears in the Halo video game franchise. A military light utility vehicle with a rear-mounted weapon turret, it appears in most major Halo titles as a driveable vehicle. Several working replicas of the Warthog were later created in real life, including by Weta Workshop for use in the cancelled Halo film. Playing an important role in defining the level design and genre of Halo: Combat Evolved during development, the Warthog is an iconic aspect of the Halo series and praised for its design, though the manner in which it has been integrated into the series' gameplay has received a mixed response.

When Halo was still in development as an RTS, the Warthog was originally concepted as a tank that Master Chief, then called the "Super-Soldier", would run alongside. It was later changed to its current design, with Master Chief being made more detailed for third-person driving sections. Designer Jaime Griesemer stated that "I think the Warthog is the real reason Halo became an action game", saying that "it was so cool to watch a squad of jeeps driving across the terrain [that] we wanted to drive them ourselves". Crediting the entirety of the final design of Halo to the Warthog, he stated that "in some ways, Halo is the story of the Warthog and the universe we built to drive it around in".

The Warthog is described as a fast and maneuverable light reconnaissance vehicle. It is a four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle with a 12.7mm three-barreled machine-gun mounted in the rear. The Warthog can be crewed by three people; a driver, an armed passenger and a gunner. Halo 2 added the ability to pull a power slide in the Warthog, and an anti-armour variant (the M12G1 LAAV) armed with a 25mm gauss cannon. In the games, UNSC soldiers will climb into the Warthog when prompted to provide support to the main character, such as manning the turret.

In Halo Wars, the Warthog is a fast scouting unit which can run over enemies.

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