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Biff Tannen

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Biff Howard Tannen is a fictional character in the Back to the Future trilogy. Thomas F. Wilson plays Biff in all three films as well as the Universal Studios ride, and voiced the character in the animated series. Biff is the main antagonist of the first and second films. Biff's great-grandfather, Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen, fills a similar role in the third.

The character is portrayed as a tall, aggressive, dim-witted and misogynistic bully who obtains what he wants by intimidating others into doing his work for him, or by cheating. He and his family members are shown to misuse idiom in ways that make them appear stupid and pathetic despite their intention to insult or scare. His favorite insult is "butthead".

The character of Biff is developed with a history that he was born in Hill Valley, California. He is identified as the great-grandson of Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen, son of Irving “Kid” Tannen and grandfather of Griff Tannen. Rather than studying in high school, he is depicted as preferring to bully George McFly into doing his homework for him while he drinks and hangs out with his friends. Feared by most of his schoolmates, he is less brave without his gang (Match, Skinhead, and 3-D). The only person at Hill Valley High school that Biff is depicted as being afraid of, is Mr. Strickland. Biff had been living with his grandmother, Gertrude Tannen, at 1809 Mason Street for some time by November 1955. In 1955, Biff was depicted as frequently having been seen driving his black 1946 Ford Deluxe convertible around Hill Valley.

In 1955, Biff had a crush on Lorraine Baines who does not return the sentiments. In the original 1985, Biff's marital status is unknown as no mention of a wife was ever made in the trilogy.

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