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Lightning Cruiser

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Power Rangers Turbo is an American television series and the fifth season of the Power Rangers franchise. The show was prefaced with the franchise's second film, Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie. As with its predecessors, Power Rangers Turbo is a based on one of the entries of the 20th Super Sentai series; in Turbo's case, the source is Gekisou Sentai Carranger. The series introduced a child actor as the new Blue Ranger, and featured the departure of the long-running characters Zordon and Alpha 5, as well the veteran team of Rangers and introduced four new characters to take the place of the veteran Rangers. This was Jason David Frank's last appearance in the Power Rangers franchise until Power Rangers Dino Thunder. It also marked the final appearance of Nakia Burrise.

After Maligore's defeat, Tommy Oliver, Katherine Hillard, Adam Park and Tanya Sloan graduate from high school and prepare to resume life as normal people, while the new 12-year-old Blue Ranger, Justin Stewart, skips ahead two grades and gets to go to Angel Grove High. Seeking revenge, Divatox begins to attack the Rangers. Soon after, the Rangers’ longtime mentors, Zordon and Alpha 5 depart to return to Zordon's home planet of Eltar, making way for the spectral Dimitria of Inquiris and Alpha 6. Other changes are also seen as Ernie leaves the Power Rangers universe to do volunteer work in South America, and Lt. Stone takes over the Juice Bar. Also an ally, the Blue Senturion arrives from the year 2000, with a message for Dimitria and the Rangers that Zedd, Rita, The Machine Empire and Divatox will team up to destroy the universe, but fails to show complete message due to Divatox corrupting the end of it, although it is believed to be Dark Specter.

Later, Tommy, Katherine, Adam and Tanya, all of whom are leaving for their new chapters, are asked to pass on their powers to students T.J. Johnson, Cassie Chan, Carlos Vallerte and Ashley Hammond as the new Red, Pink, Green and Yellow Rangers respectively with Justin being the only remaining member of the team.

The monsters of this series were used by Divatox. They were adapted from the monsters seen in Gekisou Sentai Carranger. To make a monster grow, Divatox would give orders to launch special torpedoes at the monster. These torpedoes when hitting the monster upon impact would make them grow. Footage from Carranger was also used to show monster growth. The monster who was growing would gain a red face and breathe smoke/steam before the monster would actually grow.

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