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Major Payne

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Major Payne is a 1995 American comedy film directed by Nick Castle, and written by and starring Damon Wayans. The film co stars Karyn Parsons, Steven Martini and Michael Ironside. It is a loose remake of the 1955 film The Private War of Major Benson, starring Charlton Heston. Major Payne was released in the United States on March 24 and grossed $30 million.

Payne tries to adjust to civilian life through an application to the police academy. He hits a man repeatedly during a training scenario, causing him to be arrested for assault after the man was rendered unconscious. His former general visits him and informs Payne that he has secured a job for him that will get him back in the military.

Payne arrives at Madison Preparatory School in Virginia, and is informed by the principal that his job is to train the Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps "green boys", a disorderly group of delinquents and outcasts who have placed last in the Virginia Military Games eight years running.

When Payne sees his company, he immediately tells them that, under his direction, they will win the games at all costs, regardless of their various shortcomings: being overweight, sickly, deaf, cross-eyed, orphaned, or from a dysfunctional home. Afterward, he shaves all their heads bald. Payne also meets and clashes with Emily Walburn, the Academy counsellor who tries to soften Payne's discipline with understanding and feelings, especially towards six year old orphan Tiger (Orlando Brown).

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