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The Keep is a 1983 horror film written and directed by Michael Mann and starring Scott Glenn, Gabriel Byrne, Jürgen Prochnow, Alberta Watson and Ian McKellen. It was released by Paramount Pictures. The story is based on the F. Paul Wilson novel of the same name, originally published in 1981.

Following the commencement of Operation Barbarossa, a unit of the Wehrmacht under the command of Capt. Klaus Woermann occupies an uninhabited citadel in Romania to control the Dinu Mountain Pass. Two soldiers attempt to loot a metallic icon within the keep but accidentally unleash a spectral entity, which kills them. The being, known as Radu Molasar, proceeds to kill several more soldiers in the following days and begins to take corporeal form. A detachment of Einsatzkommandos under the command of the sadistic SD Sturmbannführer Eric Kaempffer arrives to deal with what is thought to be partisan activity, executing villagers as collective punishment.

At the instigation of the local priest, the Germans retrieve an ailing Jewish historian, Prof. Theodore Cuza, from a concentration camp. He deciphers a mysterious message emblazoned on a wall of the citadel before Molasar saves the professor's daughter, Eva, from sexual assault by two Einsatzkommandos and cures Cuza of his debilitating scleroderma by touch. The professor becomes indebted to the entity who demands that Cuza remove a talisman from the keep so that Molasar can escape its confines.

Having remotely sensed Molasar's presence, a mysterious stranger named Glaeken arrives, seducing Eva and incurring the professor's ire. The malign power of Molasar begins to affect the villagers, seemingly driving them mad. After an unsuccessful attempt by the professor to have the stranger stopped, Kaempffer and Woermann clash over the former's sadistic crimes; Woermann furiously denounces the Nazis, claiming that the monster hunting them is a reflection of their evil. He is murdered by Kaempffer who flees the scene only to find his men have been slaughtered by Molasar. Kaempffer is killed as Cuza goes to remove the talisman from the keep. When Eva attempts to prevent him from doing so, Cuza refuses Molasar's command to kill her. In response, Molasar returns Cuza to his diseased state. Glaeken arrives and confronts Molasar. After their battle, the latter is weakened and banished back into the innermost recesses of the keep. Glaeken is transformed in a storm of light and seals the aperture that freed Molasar, condemning the entity within once more. The villagers, freed from Molasar's influence, escort Eva and Cuza away.

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