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Daniel Llanso (Spawn)

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Curse of the Spawn is a spin-off of the popular Spawn comic book by Todd McFarlane. The book introduced other Hellspawns and characters in the "Spawniverse". It was published by Image Comics and has been collected into multiple graphic novels. There were 29 issues.

The first four issues of the series focuses on Daniel Llanso. His story is set some 400 years in the future in an apocalyptic world some time after Armageddon where the Devil Phlegethonyarre has his servant, Abaddon the Angel of the Bottomless Pit and their Undead Army of Nightmares (Necro-Soldiers, Zombies powered by hells Darklight) dominate and hunt all humans.

Daniel's life was an abusive one for the young man, he killed his abusive/drunken father with a laser rifle in order to protect his mother and sister, Madrid. He consequently spends most of his teen years, and a portion of his 20's in various prison facilities on the Moons of Mars and Earth. During his time behind bars he falls in love with a female Public Defender named "Mrs. Noon", they have a strong but short love as she is apparently killed because of him for an unknown reason. Daniels memories of his past are mostly filled with pain and anger, of being shocked with tazer-prods in prison or murdering a Crater-Gang thug by smashing his face-mask of his spacesuit with a rock. At some point Daniel Llanso escapes from a lunar prison in a stolen freighter, but as the story points out the cargo on board was 'Fetid' or more likely booby trapped. Daniel Llanso dies as his spaceship burns up in the Earth's atmosphere, his space suit melts and his flesh burns. He screams as his soul falls burning into the darkness of damnation ending deep within the Twelfth Level of Hell.

Having died and resurrected as a Hellspawn, Daniel at first is lost in a blur of treacherous memory and whispers to do evil deeds and use his energy in violence and to kill. The Hellspawn rises from the barren earth just in time to stop a large demon from killing his sister and her son Matthew. Daniel instantly recognizes her, but not his nephew. She then fires her Energy rifle at the Hellspawn as Madrid and Matt escape. Spawn is left alone only to be 'found' by Abaddon who goads spawn to kill the last humans on Earth, Spawn agrees.

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