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Eternia is the name of the fictional planet that serves as a setting for the Masters of the Universe toy collection and animated series.

According to the 36th produced episode of the 1980s series, "The Search", and the 1987 motion picture, Eternia is at the center of the universe. Although little mentioned in the franchise, at the planet's center lies the Star Seed, a spark left over from the creation of the universe. Possessing it would grant infinite power to its holder. Skeletor, upon discovering this information, tries to obtain it, but He-Man is able to get it first. After resisting its corrupting influence, he then gives it to Zodac, who disposes of it. In another episode it is noted that Eternia exists at the juncture of alternate universes, which is an explanation for why the laws governing both magic and science work on Eternia.

Eternia's prehistoric era is known as "Preternia." It seems to have featured dinosaur-like monsters, including some bionic variations of unknown origin, giant, and cavemen. Some of these dinosaurs are preserved within Eternia's Tar Swamp.

According to the Filmation series bible, Eternia used to be an incredibly advanced civilization that evolved through centuries of barbarism, enlightenment and scientific technology.

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