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Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot

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, is a manga and tokusatsu series created by Mitsuteru Yokoyama. It is similar to his famous Tetsujin 28-go, which was called Gigantor in the US, though Giant Robo has more fantastic elements.

The original tokusatsu TV series, produced by Toei Company Ltd., aired on NET (later renamed TV Asahi) from October 11, 1967 to April 1, 1968, with a total of 26 episodes. The English-dubbed version of the series, which Reuben Guberman developed for American television, was produced by American International Television, with Salvatore Billitteri as line producer and Manuel San Fernando as primary director, under the title Johnny Sokko And His Flying Robot.

Earth is under invasion from an interstellar terrorist group called "Big Fire," called "The Gargoyle Gang" in the English-dubbed version, an illuminati-style organization led by the alien Emperor Guillotine, who spends almost the entire series in a multicolored space ship hidden at the bottom of one of the Earth's oceans (presumably the Pacific) whence he issues his orders to the Gargoyle Gang.

"Big Fire," which, as mentioned above, is renamed "The Gargoyle Gang" in the US version, is an ambitious but somewhat incompetent gang whose members appear to have a fairly high mortality rate due to either Unicorn actions or Guillotine's own fits of anger. Their wardrobe is an interesting collection of what appears to be an assortment of castoffs from Soviet officers, wartime Wehrmacht personnel, Central American guerrilla, and the designers of Italian sunglasses. In addition, at least one Gargoyle member is always seen with a Castro-esque beatnik beard. Most of the Gargoyle Gangsters wear beret adorned with a skull on the front. All Gargoyle Gangsters have an explosive device implanted within their bodies that can be detonated in the event they are captured, though this seems to be used only rarely.

Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot

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