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Constantine Drakon

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Constantine Drakon is a fictional character in the DC Comics universe. He is a martial artist created by writer Judd Winick and artist Phil Hester as a villain to Green Arrow, and he first appeared in Green Arrow vol. 3 #27 (2003).

Although his exact height has not been given, the Greek assassin Constantine Drakon is a short individual. As a child he was teased for this by other children. Once he started killing people at the age of ten, however, he found he was no longer sensitive about his stature. He claims that he had nothing strange or traumatic in his upbringing to turn him to murder, he was simply curious to see what he could do. Discovering that he was a prodigy at killing, Constantine proceeded to make a living out of it. He considers what he does not just a job but a vocation, and takes pride out of the businesslike manner in which he operates.

When troll like monsters began to terrorize the Elevast Corporation's construction sites (for a high-end retail center in a depressed area of Star City) the corporation hired Constantine Drakon. Drakon's job was to eliminate the monsters and cover up the link between them and the Elevast corporation. Oliver "Green Arrow" Queen's investigations into the monsters put him in direct confrontation with the European assassin. In their first encounter Drakon soundly defeated Green Arrow, killing a friend of Connor Hawke (Oliver Queen's son) and crucifying Green Arrow with his own arrows, choosing not to kill the archer because he wasn't being paid enough to kill superheroes yet.

Drakon's next victim was attorney Joanna Pierce, niece of Black Lightning, who discovered information proving that an imperfect vaccine the Elevast Corporation produced had in fact turned human beings into the troll like creatures. Joanna Pierce had recently met and become involved with Oliver Queen. Although they had broken up almost immediately after starting a relationship, her death would greatly disturb him for some time to come.

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