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Underworld (Marvel)

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Underworld (Jackie Dio) is a fictional character, a supervillain in publications from Marvel Comics. The character first appeared in the Underworld limited series in 2006.

Jackie Dio was a former Silvermane enforcer who was turned over to the cops by his brother Vince. He spent a decade in prison taking out his hatred for super-humans on depowered super-villains imprisoned with him. Once released he found the world had changed a lot in his absence, and that it was difficult to get re-established in the criminal world without powers. He also learned that his brother Vince had become the super-humanly strong Mr. Pain, the crime lord Owl's head enforcer. Against his will, Jackie was covertly given several super-power upgrades himself by the Consultant, an underworld figure who specialised in granting or upgrading powers. Using these new abilities, Jackie confronted and killed Vince, taking on the alias Underworld.

Jackie resurfaced during the Civil War crisis. He had been employed by The Kingpin to infiltrate the rival crime lord Hammerhead's syndicate. Hammerhead first described Underworld as "the new kid on the block" but quickly corrected himself and said "an old kid who just got out of stir and re-entered a new game". Hammerhead was trying to round up other villains to work for him, and villains who disagreed, like Slyde, were killed by Underworld.

Using Underworld, Kingpin lured Hammerhead's forces into an ambush. Underworld escaped this after wounding Hammerhead in the legs, and later caught up with him when he was recovering in a hospital, shooting Hammerhead point blank in the head, seemingly killing him. Hammerhead, however, later resurfaced completely rebuilt as a powerful cyborg by and in the employ of Mr. Negative.

Underworld (Marvel)

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