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Cammy White

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is a video game character in the Street Fighter series. She first appeared in the fighting game Super Street Fighter II:The New Challengers, which was released for the arcades in 1993, as one of the "New Challengers", the four new characters introduced in that title. She is the second female fighter in the Street Fighter series, following Chun-Li. Cammy has also appeared in the Street Fighter Alpha games, first as a hidden character and then as a playable character, in Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold and Street Fighter Alpha 3 respectively. Although Cammy did not appear in Street Fighter III as a playable character, she was reintroduced into the series as such in the PC and home console versions of Street Fighter IV, winning a poll put forth by Capcom asking the fans which characters from previous games should appear in the new game's home version.

Cammy was one of the four "New Challengers" introduced in the fourth Street Fighter II revision, Super Street Fighter II. In this game, Cammy is a teen-aged agent of the fictional Delta Red task force within Britain's MI6. In the Japan version of her ending, she is revealed to have been an agent working for M. Bison in the past, but lost her memories during a past operation. Inexplicably, the American version instead reported her as a previous lover of M. Bison's, but likewise suffering from amnesia.

A younger version would be included in the crossover game X-Men vs. Street Fighter, which features Cammy as an assassin for Bison's Shadaloo organization, with her codename "Killer Bee" (and in later games described as one of the "Shadaloo Dolls"). The ending of the game alludes to Cammy's memory loss and her eventual joining of Delta Red.

This incarnation of Cammy would be integrated into the main series: first in Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold, where she appears as a hidden character available exclusively in the 2-Player and Training Modes (however, this would be rectified in Street Fighter Alpha Anthology where she would be fully playable in Arcade mode with a complete storyline and ending), and then in Street Fighter Alpha 3, where she is a full-fledged playable character. In Alpha 3, Cammy is revealed to be a clone created from M. Bison's DNA. The Game Boy Advance version of Super Street Fighter II Turbo: Revival and the Xbox Live and PSN remake Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix take into account this revelation in their versions of Cammy's ending.

Cammy White Cammy White Cammy White Cammy White Cammy White Cammy White Cammy White

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