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Sersi is a fictional character, a Marvel Comics superhero and an Eternal.

Sersi was created by Jack Kirby and first appeared in The Eternals #3 (September 1976). She was subsequently revealed as the character Circe who first appeared in Strange Tales Vol. 1 #109 (June, 1963).

Sersi is a fourth generation member of the Eternals, an evolutionary offshoot of the human race. Sersi is the daughter of the Eternals Helios and Perse, and was probably born in Olympia, Greece, some time after the Great Cataclysm that destroyed the continents of Atlantis and Lemuria, during an extended ice age known as the Hyborean Age. At a young age, Sersi differed from her fellow Eternals in her desire to live amongst humans. It was during her time in ancient Mesopotamia that Sersi first met Captain America, who had traveled back in time. While Sersi still had the appearance of a child at this time, she was already thousands of years old.

A few thousand years later, Sersi was based in ancient Greece, where she met the poet, Homer. Homer would later write one of the earliest works in Western literature, The Odyssey. The character Circe, who lived on an island in the Aegean called Aeaea, and turned the hero Odysseus' men into pigs, was based on Sersi.


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