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Jubei Yagyu

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This is a list of characters appearing in the Samurai Shodown series. Characters included into the list are characters exclusive to the fighting games and not the spin-offs or mobile games.

Characters included into this list originated from the Samurai Shodown 64 series, Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage, and Samurai Shodown: Sen.

is the star character of the series and is one of the series' most known characters (the other being ). He is introduced in Samurai Shodown and continues to appear in every title of the series. His character origin was originally based around the famed swordsman, Miyamoto Musashi, a duelist who claimed to have never lost a match. Though he is a swordsman with no loyalties to any lord, Haohmaru has a "samurai spirit" which is often stressed in the series. He is also often accredited to defeating most of the series' villains.

At the age of fifteen, he challenged to a duel but lost due to lack of experience. Jubei, amused by the youth's bravado, brought Haohmaru to so that he may gain proper training. Whilst living there, he also met and befriended , fellow student and another orphan like himself. One day, Nicotine told them they would battle to determine who would learn the secrets in a magical scroll to increase their fighting ability. Genjuro wins, but almost kills Haohmaru; in response, Nicotine banishes Genjuro which begins the latter's grudge against Haohmaru and Nicotine. Encouraged by this defeat to further improve himself, Haohmaru travels the lands perfecting his sword skills, and searches for worthy challengers in the name of shura. During his many travels, Haohmaru also raises and trains him to be a fighter. Also in Samurai Shodown VI, it is shown that Haohmaru shares a close relationship with Charlotte, even travelling all the way to France in order to visit her. In Warriors Rage, Haohmaru is a skilled and active swordsman at the age of forty-seven. At this time, he is trying to find his adopted niece, Mikoto and bring her back home.

Jubei Yagyu

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