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Viktor Lavrentievich Zokas , better known by his alias of Renard, the Anarchist, is a fictional character and main antagonist in the James Bond film The World Is Not Enough. He was portrayed by Scottish actor Robert Carlyle.

As detailed in the film, Renard was trained by the KGB as an assassin, but was dismissed due to his mental instability. With the cessation of the Cold War and the political climate changes, he became a terrorist, with the sole purpose of spreading chaos. During a mission to dispatch Renard, MI6 agent 009 tracked him to Syria and shot him in the head. Renard survived the attack, but the bullet couldn't be removed from his head, and was steadily working its way through his brain toward the cerebral cortex. As it moved, it steadily deprived Renard of his ability to taste, smell, and (most notably) feel. However, even though the bullet will inevitably kill him, because he is unable to feel pain, he is able to push his physical limits further and further each day, granting him strength far beyond what a normal human being can take as he no longer registers the damage.

Some time prior to the events of the film, Renard kidnapped Elektra King, a billionaire heiress, and held her for ransom in Cyprus. When Elektra's father refused Renard's ransom demands, she decided to collaborate with and seduce Renard. She even went as far as to mutilate her own earlobe, as Renard loved her too much to harm her. Unbeknownst to MI6, Renard is aiding Elektra in her oil pipeline scheme in a last ditch effort to commit the ultimate act of chaos: killing 8 million innocent people (including himself) in the nuclear blast, triggering a nuclear meltdown which would destroy Istanbul.

As the events of The World is Not Enough unfold, Renard is living with an indeterminate life expectancy, as the bullet could reach his cerebral cortex at any time and kill him. However, according to MI6 doctor Molly Warmflash, until the bullet kills him, Renard is expected to continue due to his inability to feel pain, allowing him to drive himself beyond ordinary physical limits. This unique trait is demonstrated in Renard's first on-screen appearance when he handles scalding pieces of volcanic rock in his hand without any sign of discomfort. After her 'escape' from Renard, Elektra claimed to be traumatized, faking Stockholm syndrome.

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