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The Zord in Power Rangers Time Force are highly advanced machines sent from the future that the Time Force Power Rangers can pilot. This is the second series, following Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, in which none of the zords were destroyed during the series but were instead simply "retired."

In Time Force, all of the Zords (except the Quantasaurus Rex) are stored in the year 3000, at Time Force's base. They are sent through time by the Transwarp Megazord when needed. The Transwarp Megazord swings its extendible right arm (rather like a club) to hit the Zord in order for it to attain the necessary velocity for time travel.

The Rangers never get to command the Transwarp Megazord and its combat capabilities are largely unknown, although the arm that it uses to send other Time Force Zords back in time can be used as a weapon. The Transwarp Megazord has only participated in battle once, and its travel to the past was only made possible by the warping powers of the mutant Cinecon.

Each of the five Rangers have control of their respectively-colored Time Flyers, which can combine in three different ways to form the Time Force Megazord: Mode Red, Mode Blue, and Jet Mode. (In this way, it is similar to the mecha from Jetman.) Ostensibly, the Time Flyers are stored in the year 3000 for the sole reason that it is not possible to refuel them in the year 2001.

Fantasy Teams Season 4 Record:

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Loss Mecha-King Ghidorah 5 to 10

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Loss Dragonzord 1 to 3