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Raziel(Legacy of Kain)

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A nobleman murdered for petty reasons, Kain is resurrected as a vampire by the necromancer Mortanius. After taking revenge on his killers, Kain encounters the ghost of the Guardian of Balance, Ariel, and learns of the Pillars of Nosgoth. Kain accepts the charge of restoring the Pillars in the hopes of reversing his vampirism, but after thwarting the plans of the Timestreamer Moebius eventually becomes drunk with power and allows the ruin of the Pillars in order to rule Nosgoth. Despite creating six powerful lieutentants (including Raziel) and a vampire empire, Kain secretly becomes altruistic and attempts to stop an invasion of alien beings known as the Hylden.

The first of Kain's vampiric lieutenants, and eventually sacrificed by Kain for apparently surpassing his master. Resurrected, Raziel is at first determined to simply find and destroy Kain, although after destroying his former fellow lieutenants and encountering Moebius, Kain's role becomes less obvious for Raziel. Like Kain, Raziel becomes aware of the Hylden and their secret agenda.

Voiced by Richard Doyle. A member of the Circle of Nine, Anarcrothe serves as the Guardian of the Pillar of States. After the Circle was driven mad, Anarcrothe and Bane the Druid and Dejoule the Energist corrupted the land and created Dark Eden. Kain confronts and kills Anarcrothe's two allies in Dark Eden, with Mortanius the Necromancer eventually killing Anarcrothe when he questions Mortanius' motives.

Voiced by Anna Gunn. Ariel was the Guardian of the Pillar of Balance and leader of the Circle of Nine until secretly assassinated (the culprit eventually being revealed to be Mortanius the Necromancer). Ariel's death drives her lover Nupraptor the Mentalist to insanity, which in turn infects the other members of the Circle and causes the downfall of the Pillars of Nosgoth.

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