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Domovoi Butler

CBUB Wins: 1
CBUB Losses: 3
Win Percentage: 25.00%

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Domovoi Butler (known until The Eternity Code as simply Butler) is a fictional character in the Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer. Known for his skill and strength, he is the bodyguard and mentor of the antihero of the series, .

Butler is a member of the Butler family, a family in the Artemis Fowl series best known for its relationship with the Fowls. The Butlers have been serving the Fowls as bodyguard since the Norman conquest.

However, Butler and Artemis have, over the years, developed from a "master and servant" to almost "father and son" relationship... a father, albeit, who obeys orders.

A Eurasian man with shaven head and blue-black eyes. He stands at almost seven feet tall and weighs 90 kilograms (200 lb), though his actual weight may be more than that given his considerable musculature. With his black suit and shaven head, he is described as "the essence of understated efficiency". Like all Butlers, he was trained in Madame Ko's Bodyguard Academy, where he was trained in Cordon Bleu cooking, marksmanship, a blend of different martial arts, emergency medicine, and information technology. He also has a blue diamond tattoo on one shoulder, thus indicating that he graduated from Madame Ko's Academy. His primary weapon is a SIG Sauer 9 mm handgun, but is known to carry an assortment of other weapons as well, including a derringer, several throwing knives, and a ball bearing cosh.

Fantasy Teams Season 2 Record:

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Result Opponent A Score   B Score
Win Hit-Monkey 11 to 9
Loss Anti-Venom 3 to 16
Loss Batman (Azrael) 2 to 10

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Result Opponent A Score   B Score
Loss Mercy Graves 1 to 3