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Kyle Katarn

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Kyle Katarn is a fictional character in the Star Wars universe, the protagonist of the video game Star Wars: Dark Forces and its sequels.

As a son of Morgan and Patricia Katarn, farmers from Sulon, he was educated at the Imperial Academy on Carida when his mother was killed by a malfunctioning BT-16 perimeter security droid. He became a decorated member of the Imperial Special Operations, but his father, unknown to him, was a Rebel supporter. During the attack on his homeplanet of Sulon (officially a Rebel attack), he lost his father. Kyle began to hate the Rebel Alliance and supervised many Imperial operations against it. One such operation was the assault on AX-456, a Rebel comm center situated on an asteroid that beamed anti-Imperial propaganda to the citizens of the Barma sector and that linked up to similar facilities in the adjacent Haldeen and Kliap sectors. His success at leading this mission earned him the Imperial Medal of Valor.

Eventually he learned from Jan Ors, an Imperial Intelligence double agent (actually working for the Rebellion) that his father was torture and killed for treason. He agreed to free Jan and defected, becoming a neutral mercenary. Jan introduced Kyle to Mon Mothma, the leader of the Alliance, and he became an important spy.

Kyle eventually discovered he was force-sensitive. After learning the ways of the Force, Kyle joined the Jedi Order under Luke Skywalker, eventually becoming one of its strongest Jedi and a member of the Jedi Council.

Kyle Katarn

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