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Shining Knight

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Shining Knight is the name of three comic book superhero that have appeared in books published by DC Comics. The original Shining Knight, Sir Justin, was created by Crieg Flessel and first appeared in Adventure Comics #66 (September 1941).

Sir Justin, the newest member of the Knights of the Round Table in King Arthur's Court, was one of the many knights who had witnessed Queen Guinevere's cousin's, Sir Fallon's, death. Fallon revealed his attacker to be the ogre Blunderbore in his last breath. Justin then vowed that he would avenge Fallon's death and search for Blunderbore in the northland. On his journey there, he met and freed the wizard Merlin, who was trapped in a tree previously by a witch. To thank Justin, Merlin transformed Justin's old, rusty armor into a golden, comfortable, and shining armor that was invulnerable and made his sword and shield invulnerable as well. Justin's sword was so powerful it could cut through anything. Merlin also gave his horse, Victory, giant bird-like wings that allowed him to fly. Justin thanked Merlin and continued to search for Blunderbore.

When he met Blunderbore at the top of the icy mountains in the northland, the two battled with Justin eventually winning and killing Blunderbore. However, right before he died, Blunderbore caused an avalanche that quickly buried Justin and Victory, however neither of them died, but instead were frozen in suspended animation. By the year 1941, Justin and Victory were finally discovered and released out of suspended animation by a museum curator. Realizing he must now live in the modern world, he decided to fight crime with his skills as a knight and soon took the civilian alias of Justin Arthur. He eventually met heroes like Crimson Avenger and Vigilante and, after meeting other heroes, they formed The Seven Soldiers of Victory. Later, Justin was invited to join the All-Star Squadron and servied as the personal bodyguard to Sir Winston Churchill during World War II. Also, during his career as a superhero, he met a boy who looked up to him and vowed to be his sidekick, taking the name Squire.

Justin also had a relationship with the second Firebrand, who was apparently killed by the Dragon King. In the last battle with his teammates in The Seven Soldiers of Victory, they fought a powerful energy creature called Nebula Man. When they finally defeated him, the energies released in the explosion of Nebula Man had caused each member of the Soldiers to be thrown and lost in time. Justin was thrown in Asia during Genghis Khan's reign, but he, and along with the other members of the Soldiers were eventually rescued by the Justice League. After this, Justin was amnesiac for quite some time until his memories returned in Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E.. He rejoined with the remainder of the Seven Soldiers and got his revenge on the Dragon King. During this appearance, Justin employed new high-tech armor which was voice-activated to expand and collapse.

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