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Doc Scratch

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MS Paint Adventures is a collection of webcomics written and illustrated by Andrew Hussie. Because of the frequency with which the site is updated, MS Paint Adventures is estimated to be the longest comic on the Internet, with over 7000 pages total among its four series.

The comics are written in serials, or "adventures", in a manner that parodies interactive fiction games. The characters' actions were originally driven by commands suggested by fans in the comics' official forum, but fan suggestions were eventually abandoned due to the size of the fanbase and the author's desire to tell a more coherent story. The comics tend to draw inspiration from video games, imitating and parodying genres such as RPG and simulation games. Despite its name, the comic is created primarily in Adobe Photoshop, not Microsoft Paint; over time, the comic has evolved from simply using static images and captions to incorporate animations, music, and occasionally interactive games using Flash.

The current adventure, Homestuck, has given rise to a large fan community as made evident by the increasing amount of fan art and cosplay at comic book conventions. and it currently averages over 600,000 unique views daily.

MS Paint Adventures is one of many webcomics which supports its author financially, by selling merchandise on the online store TopatoCo as well the site's store and record label.

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